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International Organization for Migration - IOM


IOM is an agency assisting in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management, advance understanding of migration issues, encourage social and economic development through migration, and uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants.

In the country since: 1999

At a glance:

  • Supports the country in four key areas:
    • Migration and Development: IOM’s goal in this field is to help harness the development potential of migration of individual migrants and societies;
    • Facilitating Migration: IOM provides policy and technical advice to governments on the regulation of labour and other movements and carries out programmes to assist governments and migrants;
    • Regulating Migration: IOM assists governments in the development and implementation of migration policy, legislation and administrative mechanisms;
    • Forced Migration: IOM is active in assisting people to move out of danger during emergencies and to return afterwards.
    • Policy Advice: IOM promotes better understanding of migration issues by migrants and governments at national, regional and international levels, leading to enhanced cooperation and effective migration policy.
  • Has established strong partnerships with many national and international counterparts in order to implement various projects that are of benefit to all the citizens of Macedonia.
  • At the core of IOM’s work stand the human rights principles and in particular migrants rights, gender equality and the protection of the vulnerable.

Additional information on IOM work in the country please visit
or www.iomskopje.org.mk


IOM Office
Tel.:+389 2 3088 100
Address: Zeleznicka  Str, no.50A
Skopje 1000 
Email: iomskopje@iom.int
Web: www.iomskopje.org.mk

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