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Оrganizata e KB për zhvillim industrial - UNIDO


Оrganizata e KB për zhvillim industrial e KB (UNIDO) është agjension i specializuar i Kombeve të Bashkuara. Mandati i saj është që të promovojë dhe të nxisë zhvillim industrial të qëndrueshëm në vendet në zhvillim dhe ekonomitë në tranzicion, si edhe të punojë në përmirësimin e kushteve për jetë në vendet më të varfëra në botë nëpërmjet të shfrytëzimit të kombinuar të resurseve të saja globale dhe ekspertizës.

As a technical cooperation agency, UNIDO designs and implements programmes focused on three thematic priorities:

Poverty reduction through productive activities

The Organization provides a comprehensive range of services customized for developing countries and transition economies, ranging from industrial policy advice to entrepreneurship and SME development, and from technology diffusion to sustainable production and the provision of rural energy for productive uses.

Trade capacity-building

UNIDO is one of the largest providers of trade-related development services, offering customer-focused advice and integrated technical assistance in the areas of competitiveness, trade policies, industrial modernization and upgrading, compliance with trade standards, testing methods and metrology.

Environment and Energy

As a leading provider of services for improved industrial energy efficiency and sustainability, UNIDO assists developing countries and transition economies in implementing multilateral environmental agreements and in simultaneously reaching their economic and environmental goals. 

In the country since

UNIDO is a non-resident UN Agency. The activities in Macedonia are coordinated by the UNIDO Regional Programme for Europe and NIS based in Vienna, Austria. Since 1994, UNIDO has supported Macedonia with 43 technical cooperation projects of total value about 7.5 million US$.

At a glance:

UNIDO supports the country in three areas:

  1. Montreal Protocol: Since UNIDO first assumed its role as implementing agency of the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol, the Organization has assisted the country to comply with its obligations to the Montreal Protocol through 28 technical cooperation projects.
  2. Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP): One of the well known UNIDO programmes promoted in more than 40 countries, aims at building national capacity to deal effectively with resource efficiency (raw materials, water, energy) at the enterprise level in different manufacturing sectors, promoting clean technologies through demonstrating possible technical solutions and contributing to the concept of  “green” industry.
  3. Stockholm Convention: The Stockholm Convention serves as the basis for UNIDO's support for elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Macedonia signed the Stockholm Convention in 2001 and ratified it in 2004. With the funds from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNIDO assisted the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning in preparation of the first National Implementation Plan for Macedonia.

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